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I’ll be traveling to Bali in 2 months’ time, but I am unsure how we’ll be getting around. I’ve heard that Bali traffic can be a nightmare, is it possible to hire a car for the duration of our stay?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2021 views

I'm off to Atlanta, USA and have almost 48 hours with me. My next flight to Atlanta is from the Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. I'm wondering about bringing these two days to use. I was hoping you could suggest to me some really good and productive things to do on the Asian side of Turkey.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2016 views

I want to be within walking distance of the main attractions, but the city is so big. What district should I book my hotel in?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2017 views

I want to eat all the local specialties but I’m really only familiar with Pho. What do I need to try?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1843 views

Will be traveling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam for a month. What essentials should I pack?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1947 views

I am staying in Penang for two days and want to spend some memorable time here, could you please suggest some popular things that could be done in Penang.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2350 views

When possible, I prefer to explore without a tour group. I also don’t want to miss experiences since I will only be taking a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City. What should I do?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1856 views

I want to avoid overly touristy activities when travelling. However, the Phi Phi islands look stunning. Is it worth the crowds for a chance to experience them?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1782 views

I have heard Vietnam has the best food in the world but I’m worried that I will ruin my trip with a bad meal. Should I eat the street food?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2746 views

I heard that backpacker hostel are extremely cheap and that it’s super convenient for travelers who travel lightly. Just wondering if it's actually safe, in terms of sharing the room with other guests and the locations of these hostels.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1987 views

My fiance and I are planning to have our honeymoon in Malaysia and we're looking for a luxurious resort on one of the private islands there.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2102 views

I was wondering how and what I should know about backpacking in Vietnam as this would be my first time traveling this way in Asia. Are there any tips for making my travel journey easier while still having the chance to explore most of the Vietnamese cities?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1877 views

My family and I are visiting Phuket and Bangkok next month. We are looking for some fun and interesting tour activities that we can enjoy together as a family.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1965 views

I’m planning to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday, so I am looking for a great romantic resort or villa in Malaysia. Somewhere relaxing or a little remote away from the city that’s by a beach would be great!

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2158 views

I’ve heard alot about terrible scam problems that tourists face in Cambodia and I’m not too sure how I can avoid this issue on my trip to Phnom Penh. How can I verify or spot scammers when I am there?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1911 views

It’s my first time traveling to Malaysia and I have heard a lot of good reviews about their food so I’ve got to know which is the top 10 unique Malaysian must-have food to try.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1939 views

I’ve heard so much about Palawan and how beautiful it is, so I want to plan a trip there and see it for myself. However, I won’t be able to visit all of them which is why I need help to choose only the best islands in Palawan to visit. I’m looking for the best ‘blue lagoons’.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2025 views

I’m planning a trip to visit several countries in Asia next year and would love to get some tips on which apps I can use to book hotels, recreational activities, and sightseeing tours. It would be great if the app also offers good deals on tour packages.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1907 views

My family is going on a trip to Thailand and we are also taking our teenage child with us. We are mainly going to travel within the Phuket Province. Since this would be my first time visiting with my family, I am concerned as we might stumble upon areas with adult scenes that would be inappropriate to see for a child. Should I be concerned about that or no?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1792 views

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1901 views

My fiancé and I have always wanted a destination wedding. Both of us really love the idea of tying the knot in beautiful Thailand, but we are unsure of what this entails, for example, aside from our passports, what other important documents are required for foreigners marrying in “The Land of Smiles”?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2087 views

My friends and I are looking for the perfect tropical island destination in South East Asia. None of us have been to this part of the world yet, so we are hoping to get some good island recommendations which have plenty to offer in terms of recreational activities and sightseeing.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2098 views

I am planning a Vietnam holiday and want to spend a portion of it relaxing at the beach. What are the best beaches in each region?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1852 views

I’m visiting Bangkok soon. The Bridge over the River Kwai has always been on my bucket list. Is it possible to visit on a day trip from Bangkok? What’s the best way to get there?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1868 views

I'm visiting Phnom Penh soon, and I was hoping to go on a day trip to Oudongk during my stay. Is it possible to go on a day trip from Phnom Penh to Oudongk? What's the best way to go about this?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1857 views

I'm looking into booking a trip to Koh Samui with my young daughter soon. We like to stay in an area with a lovely beach. Where is the best area in Koh Samui for families?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1742 views

I'm hoping to visit Ho Chi Minh City soon. I'm trying to get my itinerary sorted. I've heard that there are lots of exciting things to do in the city. Could you recommend some guided tours for me?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1591 views

My partner and I have booked to stay in the Thanh Binh Central Hotel in Hoi An. We're flying into Da Nang Airport. What is the best way to get from Da Nang Airport, Vietnam, to Hoi An?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1847 views

We’re planning a family trip to Koh Phangan, Thailand, but we’re a little worried about how party orientated guides to the island seem to be. Although we don’t mind parties, we’ll have our two kids with us, and we don’t want this to ruin our trip. What is the best area in Koh Phangan for families?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1708 views

I’m planning a trip around Asia. I’d like to visit Singapore but looking into it, Singapore is a lot more expensive than other nearby countries, and I’m worried the visit won’t be viable with my budget. I’m not a fan of hostels either. Would it be possible to visit Singapore on a budget?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1661 views

We are a group of British digital nomads currently in Bali and planning to visit the Gili Islands. We keep hearing from people that we need to cash out on mainland Bali as there are no ATMs on the Gili Islands. Is this true? Can I find ATMs on the Gili Islands in Indonesia?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 9709 views

Heading to Laos next year for a solo backpacking around South East Asia. I am now planning some activities in Laos and it seems like a lot of people have gone for . However, I am not comfortable swimming, but tubing seems relaxing and fun at the same time. Is river tubing in Laos safe for non-swimmers?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2679 views

We are a British couple getting married this October 2021 and we are planning our honeymoon for next year. We want to book our tickets and hotels for Indonesia already. What would you recommend as a destination for a honeymoon in Indonesia? Is Bali or Lombok better for couples on a honeymoon?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 1970 views