Most travellers will spend time researching their holiday before they travel. After all, a holiday is probably one of the single biggest expenses most people will incur in the year. When a traveller finds the information they are looking for, they will generally refer to this information in their discussions with their holiday planner.
This platform promotes you- so you can become their travel organiser!


Target people looking for your specialist product- these are buyers with intent


Travellers want to deal with experts who can cater for their specific needs and who understand the product they are selling

Generate Leads

It is an established fact that relevant content leads to leads. This applies to every industry – not just travel!

Inspiration & Aspira

Even if people weren’t thinking of your product, the right content creates desire which results in sales.

Video Hunger

Tap into the hunger for Video Content- we consume an average of 3 hours on social media per week


You could start your own blog but we believe that joining us will be more effective and more efficient. These are just some of the reasons why:

Why not just start your own blog?

Starting a blog can be relatively straight forward. You need to create a website and then produce content and promote the blog. But here are some of the limitations you need to think about:

  • Off the shelf blog themes will not be designed around the specific objective of targeting your intended market
  • Promoting a blog and driving traffic is involved and will take a lot of time and effort. You will get readers, but probably not the high numbers needed for it to benefit you and result in leads
  • You will have to produce a lot of content to keep your users engaged. To generate the amount of content needed to keep users engaged will make blogging your full time job rather than focusing on your core business of selling travel
Why search engines will rank us higher

One the most important contributing factors to the number of people that will read your blog is how high the search engines feature your content. We know that our platform will feature your content much higher than your own blog would because:

  • We have invested heavily in search engine optimisation and because we are promoting the content of over 100 expert contributors on our platform
  • Search engines likes sites that generate new and unique content, but much more importantly, sites that produce content regularly and that can be relied upon to produce content frequently.
  • With the number of contributors to our platform, search engines will identify the site as a reliable source of content and will rank relevant content on our platform higher than they would if the same content was on a platform with new content appearing less frequently
Benefit from traffic generated by content from other experts

Travellers won’t be looking for content that you have expertise in all the time. But they will be searching for travel related content frequently. Our platform allows you to benefit from web users that have landed on the site because of content one of our other experts has submitted. Similarly, our other experts will benefit from attracting customers that initially landed on the platform because of content you have produced.

  • Sometimes, a user will search for content that encompasses both content featured on one of your submissions and that contained within other content within the platform. The search engine will promote your entry because it will see other relevant content matching the user’s requirements on the site that is not within your submission.
  • People reading an article on the platform will see other suggested articles promoted to them at the end of the page which might include content you have posted.
  • If a user follows the site because of content from another expert that interested them, your content will then be promoted to them as well
How It Works
How It Work
About You

Send us an email to tell us about you, which travel areas you have expertise in, what your job is in the travel industry and how you hope to benefit from being a contributor on the platform.

How It Work
Videos and Articles

Start sending us your videos and articles for our editorial team to review and publish. You will have to contribute at least one article or video per week to keep your membership of the platform active.

How It Work
Q & A

You will be required to respond to at least 3 questions related to your area of expertise every week that are submitted on the platform. The more questions you answer, the more business you are likely to get

What is the criteria for becoming a contributor on this platform?

We are looking for a diverse range of talents to contribute on this platform. The overarching requirement is that you must be working in the travel industry. Below are some of the attributes we are looking for

Destination experts

You will have travelled extensively in a specific country or region whilst living in that area for at least 6 months. You will have a passion for travelling and will have made sacrifices to take an extended break from your home country to explore a region. You will be able to offer advice to tourists on how to make the most of their journey and also provide an insight into amazing experiences that many tourists will not know about.

Product Expert

You are an expert on a specific product in Travel.
Examples include:
- Cruise Experts
- Round the world flights
- Ski
- Walking and trekking
- Driving
- Adventure
- Nature

Niche Travel

You Will be an expert on an area of travel that appeals to a niche market
Examples Included:
- Religious travel and pilgrimages
- School and education
- Architecture
- Health and wellness
- Hiking, trekking and exploration
- Off the beaten track

Social Media
Search Engine
News Platform
Print Media
Email Ditribution Lists
Banner Adverts

We don’t just provide a platform to promote your content- we provide you with a back office team and opportunities to create new exciting content

benfit FAM Trips & Incentives

To ensure you have frequent opportunities to deliver fresh, exciting and inspirational content, we will be arranging regular exclusive FAM trips for our expert contributors. In addition, we will be working with airlines, hotels, cruise lines and other product suppliers to provide you with exclusive incentives, overrides, bonuses, complimentary personal travel and additional value added benefits or discounts to pass on to your customers.

benfit Editors

We have a back office team comprising editors and copywriters that will proofread your content and enhance it to make it even more appealing to our readers. Our editorial team will seamlessly embed keywords into your content and ensure that all the relevant tags and structures are optimised for search engines. The team will also create the title headlines and sub text for your content that will encourage clicks when your content is promoted on social media.

benfit Video Production

It is easy to record lots of high definition video content on the latest smartphones. Sifting through the video footage and selecting the best content and then editing it into short, engaging clips to promote online is much harder. Our video production team will take your raw footage and use the latest video editing software to add special effects, titles and descriptions and visual enhancements to create the professional look and feel you are used to seeing on TV.

Who Can Join

We don’t offer company level membership. Employees of the company must join and create their own individual profiles. Everyone that contributes on the platform will need to be individually vetted and approved by us.

Product Suppliers
Product Suppliers

Airlines, Hoteliers, Cruise Lines, DMCs and any other product supplier will be able to answer questions and may be invited to make limited guest contributions

Tour Operators
Tour Operators

Reservations consultants working for ATOL licensed Tour Operators that sell direct to the public will be able to contribute articles and video content as well as being able to answer questions

Travel Agents
Travel Agents

Selected employees of licenced travel agents that are able to demonstrate specialist knowledge will be able to submit content and answer questions

Home Workers
Home Workers

Home workers of licenced home working agencies that sell travel as their full time job and are able to demonstrate specialist knowledge will be able to submit content and answer questions

Product Managers
Product Managers

Product Managers that work with selected reservations consultants from travel agencies or tour operators will be able to submit content and answer questions under the name of their colleagues who have been listed as an expert on the platform

Tourist Boards
Tourist Boards

Tourist boards will be able to answer questions related to their destinations and can be invited to make limited guest content contributions


Hotels will be able publish news stories specifically about their own hotels such as new products, hotel openings and service updates.


Airline Partners will be able to provide news about their airline such as new destination announcements and product or service updates.

Eligibility All contributors will need to meet the following criteria:
  • The ability to demonstrate expertise in a certain segment of the travel industry
  • Examples of their writing or video blogs. If they have not previously written blog articles or created video blogs, they will need to create one for the purposes of the application
  • Current and active within a front line role in the travel industry that deals with consumers
  • You must create a full profile
  • You must maintain your profile page
  • You must contribute an article, detailed review or video blog at least once per week
  • You must answer at least 3 questions related to your area of expertise per week
Guest Contributions

We will accept guest contributions from airlines, hotels, tourist boards, product suppliers and anyone else that has a vested interest in promoting tourism that will benefit agents that contribute content on this platform.


You can be a contributor on this platform in a number of ways- all of which will help you drive leads that should result in sales for your.

You must contribute one of the following every week
  • 1 blog article (min 500 words) or
  • 2 news items per week or
  • 1 video per week
    • 60 seconds minimum
    • Must be content you are permitted to use and not taken from any other media
You must contribute one of the following every week
Examples of what you can contribute
  • Experiences
  • Hints and Tips
  • Frequent Flyer Programmes
  • What to do in a destination
  • Recommendations
  • Where to eat
  • Sites to see
  • Video Blogs
  • Video Diaries
  • Reviews
  • Promotional Videos
  • Interviews
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Lounges
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Attractions
  • Restaurants
  • Cruise Ships
  • Hotel news
  • Destination News
  • Airline News
  • Travel stories