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I have heard that there is s state in the USA that has no Starbucks or McDonalds because they like to focus on local businesses and boutique dining venues and cafes. I would really like to visit this place. Do you know where it is.

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I am planning to go on a trail journey with my friends on the upcoming weekend. I am looking for the best options for hiking trails in Ontario.

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I am planning to spend the vacation in Mexico in December 2022. I have two kids, and I am confused about whether to visit Mexico or some other place. I am hoping that you could suggest to me some popular things to do in Mexico to book my tickets.

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I will be travelling to Disney World with young children as well as teens. Which parks are best so that everyone can enjoy them?

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How different is tipping in the US as opposed to here in the UK?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 943 views

I’m on a business trip to the Big Apple and I’ll have a spare day at the end of my trip. Is that enough to see the city, or should I stay on extra?

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