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I have heard that there is s state in the USA that has no Starbucks or McDonalds because they like to focus on local businesses and boutique dining venues and cafes. I would really like to visit this place. Do you know where it is.

1 5 months ago 1 answers 385 views

I am planning to go on a trail journey with my friends on the upcoming weekend. I am looking for the best options for hiking trails in Ontario.

1 1 year ago 1 answers 752 views

I am planning to spend the vacation in Mexico in December 2022. I have two kids, and I am confused about whether to visit Mexico or some other place. I am hoping that you could suggest to me some popular things to do in Mexico to book my tickets.

1 1 year ago 1 answers 763 views

I will be travelling to Disney World with young children as well as teens. Which parks are best so that everyone can enjoy them?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 686 views

How different is tipping in the US as opposed to here in the UK?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 715 views

I’m on a business trip to the Big Apple and I’ll have a spare day at the end of my trip. Is that enough to see the city, or should I stay on extra?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 829 views

My mates all want to do the classic American road trip thing, but there are so many to choose from. Where to start?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 721 views

I’ve heard amazing things about Alaska, so really want to go… but not sure what time of year?

1 1 year ago 2 answers 932 views

My girls are obsessed with Disney’s Moana. Where can I take them on holiday that will feel like part of the film?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 887 views

Surely the best thing about cruising is the all-day buffet?! I’ve noticed a lot of cruise lines now have multiple restaurants onboard – which cruise line is the best for onboard dining?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 1202 views

It’s been so long since I’ve been to a theme park, I’ve got to get myself to Disney soon! Which park has the most rides?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 944 views

I am planning on traveling to Hawaii in 2022. I mostly travel east so I am not familiar with the concept of a resort fee which seems to be popular in North America. When we travel to Asia and the Arabian Gulf, the use of the resort facilities is included in the price of the room. I want to know what to budget for my Hawaii trip.

1 1 year ago 1 answers 1168 views

I’ve just got engaged and my fiancée loves all things Disney especially the parks. I think she’d love to have a Disney themed wedding. Is it possible to get married at Disneyland and can Mickey Mouse officiate my wedding?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 948 views

I am looking at booking a holiday to Orlando for October 2022. I have 3 kids aged 12, 9 and 6. I can't decide whether to book a villa or a hotel. What would be your recommendation?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 965 views

We're a family of four hoping to book a trip to Los Angeles. We'd like to find a fantastic family-friendly hotel nearby the excellent attractions and in a nice area. Could you recommend some good hotels for us?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 951 views

My husband and I, along with our 6-year-old twins, have booked a five-night trip to New York. We’re looking for somewhere with family rooms in a nice area. Our budget is flexible. Where is the best place to stay in New York for families?

1 1 year ago 1 answers 1058 views

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