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The two most famous and nicest cities for tourists in the United Arab Emirates are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But how difficult is it to get from one to the other, is it expensive, and what should you know before traveling?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2322 views

I am traveling to Dubai for the first time, and I am wondering if it is better for me to convert my money to UAE currency before I leave my country? Or is it better to do the exchange in Dubai when I arrive?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2996 views

My flight to Kuwait is departing in 3 days and I have just received an offer to upgrade from World Traveller to Club World for just under £400. I am an Executive Club Gold member and I want to know whether I should take the offer or wait and see if I get a free upgrade to business class on the day. Is it possible to be upgraded 2 classes from World Traveller to Club World for free? I am travelling on my own and have no special requests.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2511 views

I am planning a trip to Jordan and would like to visit Aqaba. I have looked at flights and can only see a limited number of departures per week. Is it possible to book a ground transfer from Amman to Aqaba? Alternatively, could rent a car I drive myself  to Aqaba? Is it safe to drive in Jordan?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 3275 views

I want to do something truly unique, as an activity, for my next vacation. I have been thinking about visiting the Pyramids in Egypt and was wondering if it was the best place to ride camels. What is the best place to go camel trekking and what is involved?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1801 views

I have always wanted to visit an exotic locale, such as the Sahara Desert. But I want to know more about the place and the best times to go. When should I avoid visiting the desert?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2060 views

We’re a couple travelling to Dubai for a romantic getaway. We’re not married but in a fully-committed relationship. However, I understand that we can’t prove this and considering Dubai is an Islamic country, I was wondering if unmarried couples can share a room in Dubai? We want to do things the legal way.

1 3 years ago 1 answers 15908 views

I am soon to travel to Saudi Arabia on a business trip. This will be my first time in Saudi Arabia so I would like to know whether female tourists have to cover up in Saudi Arabia or do the regulations apply to locals only?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2329 views

I’ve always been fascinated by the culture in Saudi Arabia and wish to travel over there someday during my gap year. I was wondering - can a single female travel to Saudi Arabia? What do I need to be aware of?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2186 views

My best friends and I are planning a bachelorette in Dubai. Since it will be really hot during the summer in Dubai, we want to head to the beach and pool but I want to know whether I can wear a bikini in Dubai?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 9225 views

I am travelling to Dubai this summer, but some websites have suggested it is too hot to safely stay outside on the beach. I have 2 young children and need some advice.

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2896 views

My local travel agent says that they are ABTA members and that all the holidays they sell are ATOL protected. But they do not have their own ATOL license. Is this a scam or am I missing something?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 3352 views


26th February 2020

1min. read


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