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My son is a surfer and has convinced us to book a holiday in Sri Lanka, but I am concerned that the rest of the family may be a bit bored. What other adventure sports are available?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2217 views

I am going on a two-month-long trip to Nepal, India, and Maldives. I would likely spend the most time in India and the least in the Maldives. I have a pet dog and I don’t like leaving him in someone else’s care at home. My dog fits all the requirements of different airlines and I have all the paperwork but I am unsure whether I could take my dog to these countries?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 3029 views

I am looking at booking my honeymoon traveling in 2022. Everyone says I should have a honeymoon in the Maldives as this is the best place for couples. I want to know why there is such fervor about Maldives Honeymoons?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1858 views

We’re visiting Sri Lanka next year, staying at the Coral Sands Hotel, Hikkaduwa. I’ve noticed that the airport is quite far from our resort. What’s the best way to get from Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 4176 views

I've booked a trip to Mahé for next year. We'd like to see more of the island during our visit. What are the best guided day trips on offer?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1831 views

A big group of us have booked a stay at the 36 Palms Boutique Retreat in Kerala. We\'re flying into Cochin International Airport. What\'s the best way to get from Cochin International Airport to the 36 Palms Beach Resort?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1988 views

I've booked a trip to Unawatuna, Sri Lanka, staying at the Fort Rock Hotel and Spa. I'd like to go on a day trip to Yala National Park. What's the best way to go about this?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2086 views

A friend and I have booked a multi-stop trip around Sri Lanka. We're staying in Kandy for four nights, and we'd like to book some guided tours of Kandy and the surrounding areas. Could you recommend some good options for us?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1969 views

My partner and I want to travel to the Maldives for a romantic getaway. We are young and it seems like the Maldives is quite expensive. What is the cheapest month to go to The Maldives?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2752 views

My best friends and I are planning a trip to Sri Lanka for our gap year as we will be backpacking around Asia. We are now booking our flights to Sri Lanka and planning our itinerary. Considering the rich wildlife in Sri Lanka, we would like to know whether it is safe to swim in the rivers in Sri Lanka? We know that crocodiles and snakes are common...

1 3 years ago 1 answers 4316 views

Our family is planning a trip for the Summer break as we will be fully vaccinated by then. We’re thinking of a tropical getaway, either to Mauritius or The Maldives. We’re now trying to understand which is the best option for us – is Mauritius or The Maldives better for a family holiday with kids? We need a good balance of relaxation and fun activities.

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2799 views

I’m planning a backpacking trip around Asia. I’ve always wanted to visit the Maldives, but it always comes across as an expensive country. Is it possible to see the Maldives on a budget?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2866 views

We’re visiting Sri Lanka soon, staying at the Juice Hotel in Ambalangonda. We want to visit Mirissa after Ambalangoda. What’s the best way to get from Ambalangoda to Mirissa? We’re staying at the Glamour Hotel Mirissa.

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2465 views

We are 2 couples who plan on traveling to Seychelles for both of our honeymoons. We want to rent a private yacht in Seychelles. How is the sailing condition in Seychelles when it comes to safety? We want to make sure that Seychelles is safe from pirates.

1 3 years ago 1 answers 3167 views

We’re planning a honeymoon to The Maldives and I want to bring my bible for personal use. I’ve just got to know that non-Islamic worship materials are banned from The Maldives. Is this true? Can I carry my bible when travelling to the Maldives?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 8960 views

My girlfriend badly wants to travel to the Maldives for a romantic holiday. We have done some research on hotels and resorts in the Maldives. We have also already booked our flights to the Maldives. Recently, we found out that they are quite strict due to religious matters. We want to confirm that unmarried couples can go to the Maldives. Will we get in any sort of trouble? Can we share a room?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 8962 views

We have booked the Maldives for our honeymoon and we would like to bring our favourite wine and champagne. Is it allowed to bring alcohol to the Maldives?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 11288 views

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