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A big group of us have booked a stay at the 36 Palms Boutique Retreat in Kerala. We\'re flying into Cochin International Airport. What\'s the best way to get from Cochin International Airport to the 36 Palms Beach Resort?

1 2 months ago 1 answers 270 views

I am a woman and plan to travel to India alone. However, after reading stories online, I now have concerns about my safety. Is it dangerous to travel to India as a woman? What should I watch out for?

1 6 months ago 1 answers 397 views

I am planning to go to India with my family and we want to try out some Indian food. I have read about hygiene issues in India and would like to ask for advice. Is street food in India safe or should I eat at established restaurants only?

1 6 months ago 1 answers 279 views

I am a Westerner who wants to travel to India with my partner. However, I have heard that India is dangerous for Westerners. Is India safe for Westerners or should I avoid it?  

1 6 months ago 1 answers 350 views

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