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I am a traveller, and my next destination is Peru. I have heard a lot about Machu Pichu and wanted to know the most convenient and sustainable way to go there.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1954 views

I'm wondering if camping in the Amazon forest and staying a night there is worth it. I'm also looking for ways to visit and spend the night in the Amazon forest. We are a group of ten people and are super eager to see at least what spending a night at the Amazon Forest looks like.

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2200 views

I have always been fascinated by the culture and traditions of the indigenous people of the Americas, and I have finally decided to visit and explore these indigenous populations in Bolivia. However, since I have a time constraint of only a month, I wanted to know if I could make a thorough visit in this time frame?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 1861 views

I’m planning a solo trip to South America and want to add Argentina to the list – is it safe for solo travelers?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2156 views

I visited Rio de Janeiro a few years ago and loved it. I’m looking to return to Brazil and want to see somewhere new, where should I go?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2090 views

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