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I and my family are going to Egypt next year. Other than making a visit to the pyramids and going on a cruise on the Nile, our family has decided to try sandboarding. However, we have two kids with us, a 10-years old and a 12-years old, and I just wanted to know whether it would be safe for them to sandboard?

1 2 years ago 1 answers 2984 views

I want to do something truly unique, as an activity, for my next vacation. I have been thinking about visiting the Pyramids in Egypt and was wondering if it was the best place to ride camels. What is the best place to go camel trekking and what is involved?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2266 views

I have always wanted to visit an exotic locale, such as the Sahara Desert. But I want to know more about the place and the best times to go. When should I avoid visiting the desert?

1 3 years ago 1 answers 2543 views

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