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Whenever I go somewhere, I mostly use public transit and on very rare occasions, have I rented a car to travel. I am planning a trip to Switzerland next year, however, I am undecided between renting a car or using local trains for travel within the country. Given the beautiful terrain, what would be the best mode of transit to enjoy all that Switzerland has to offer?

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Me and my wife have been saving for years just so we could travel and explore different continents as we had always been travel enthusiasts. Recently, we realized that hiking and trekking mountainous terrain is our thing after we had a tour to the Andes. For our next destination, we have decided to explore the Alps, specifically Switzerland and Austria. Although on our Andes's journey, we hired a tour guide that helped us explore the hidden, attractive sites, we have decided to make our next journey without a tour guide, as tour guides usually oversee a group of people and we would like to travel alone. However, we are still uncertain whether it is a good idea to go on an unknown journey without a tour guide?

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